ODL Department of Sports and Exercise Medicine
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The ODL Department of Sports and Exercise Medicine is a top-quality center that offers excellent sports medicine services to individuals of all ages keen on maintaining their health and well-being. Our services cater to everyone, from beginners to elite athletes.

We conduct various well-being projects, scientific research, and training and education programs at our clinic. We also offer specialized training in sports medicine.

ODL Department of Sports and Exercise Medicine is supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Support for goal-oriented training

We provide fitness testing and coaching services at our modern testing laboratory, which is one of the most advanced facilities in Finland. Our services cater to individuals of all levels, including beginners and professional athletes. Our team of experts has over 20 years of experience in measuring and coaching the performance of exercisers and athletes. Additionally, we also offer services to sports clubs and companies. We are also authorized to conduct tests for the Emergency Services Academy Finland.

Support for lifestyle change

We provide safe and personalized exercise guidance for all levels of movers to help you make the lifestyle changes you need.

Education and lectures

Our organization provides training in different fields to promote well-being and health. We cater to professionals, work communities, students, and the general public. You can request customized training for your company or community on topics such as nutrition, physical activity, recovery, and lifestyle changes. We also conduct the annual Oulu Sports Medicine Days and the Nutrition Education Day. Additionally, we offer free lectures on various well-being themes to the public.

Research and development

The ODL Department of Sports and Exercise Medicine is a part of the Sports Medicine Suomi network which comprises of six sports medicine centers in Finland. The department conducts highly multidisciplinary research and doctoral training in collaboration with the University of Oulu. The primary goal of their research and development activities is to promote physical activity, health, and well-being, especially among those with low physical activity levels.

In addition to scientific research, the department also collaborates with companies to address real-world industry challenges and develops new products. They conduct commissioned research and surveys, and offer various expert services. The commissioned research is carried out in the high-quality exercise lab and other premises of ODL, and the projects are customized to meet the specific needs of each customer company.